2021-22 Season

Boston Snooker League

The Home of Snooker in Lincolnshire

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Information relating to league activity. Includes match date fixtures, league tables and personal tracker details.


Details of the individual KO competitions, (incl. team knockout), match draws and results, and the handicap list.


A selection of photographs taken from the most recent end-of-season league finals presentation awards.

Snooker Rules

All the LEAGUE & COMPETITION rules and the CODE OF CONDUCT. All players are expected to adhere to these.

Contacts & Committee Members


Boston Snooker Centre: 
Artillery Row, Boston, PE21 6TY.
Tel: 01205 369018. 
Conservative Club:
Main Ridge West, Boston, PE21 6QQ.
Tel: 01205 362309. 
Graves Park Social Club:
Skeldyke Road, Kirton, Boston, PE20 1LR.
Tel: 01205 722787.  
Kirton Leisure:
31a Willington Road, Kirton, Boston, PE20 1EP.
Tel: 01205 837090.  
West End Bowls Club:
Princess Street, Boston, PE21 8HF.
Tel: 01205 361636.  
Donington Snooker Club:
53 High Street, Donington, Spalding, PE11 4TA.
Tel: 01775 820662.


President:  Del Hill
Vice President: David Cutting
Chairman:  Jason Pocklington
Vice-Chairman:  Scot Gray
Treasurer:  Pete Manning
League Secretary:  Grant Marshall
Competition Secretary:  Charlie Rolfe
Handicapping Committee:    Dave Cutting, Jason Pocklington, Scot Gray, Matthew Povey, Graham Sharp, Carl Bailey, Danny Newton.

Committee Members:  Bob Clark, Graham Sharp.

This Seasons League & Competition Sponsors

Individual Boston Snooker League Sponsors:
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- Super League

- Boston Snooker Centre

- Premier League

- Launchburys Cycles & Motorcycles

- Division One

- Johnson Motors Car Sales


- Overall Leagues' Sponsor

- Craven & Nicholas (Engineering) Ltd

- Boston Standard

- for local newspaper coverage

The Individual Boston Snooker League Knockout Competition Sponsors:
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- Town Cup

- AP Titan Motor Factors

- COLA Doubles

- Cola Training Services Ltd

- Leagill Trophy

- AP Titan Motor Factors

- Mowbray Cup

- Fitters Roofing

- Seniors Trophy

- Graham Gill Carpets

- Mens Own

- Johnson Motors Car Sales

- Paul Mould Jubilee

- Craven & Nicholas (Engineering) Ltd

- Ray Lovely Cup

- Boston Snooker Centre

- Team Knockout

- Carpenters Arms, Boston

- Premier League KO

- Kamelion

- Division One KO

- Kirton Leisure

- Division Two KO

- Lincolnshire Windows & Doors

- Body Billiards

- Taylor Made Services Ltd